Wednesday, 02.11.2022

Main location: Wilhelm-Köhler-Saal

12:00 | Registration

12:45 | Welcome

Anna-Maria Meister
[Technical University of Darmstadt]
Introduction: On models and scale

Evangelos Kotsioris
[The Museum of Modern Art]
Plasticine vs. glass: Negotiation models for the United Nations headquarters

Giulia Boller
[ETH Zurich]
Heinz Isler’s small-scale physical models: An interplay between form and forces

Carlotta Darò
[ENSA Paris Malaquais and ETH Zurich]
The acoustic scale: Immersive reduced spectacles

Ruth Ezra
[University of St Andrews]
Muscovy glass, from fenestration to demonstration

15:00 | Coffee break

Anna Luise Schubert
[Technical University of Darmstadt]
Introduction: On their material production

Matthew Wells
[University of Manchester and Manchester Architecture Research Group]
Object, manual, material, collection

Erik Herrmann
[The Ohio State University]
Vjenceslav Richter and the Reliefmeter

Sebastiaan Loosen
[ETH Zurich]
Mr. Dennis’ model: Organizing knowledge in the postcolonial era

Eliza Pertigkiozoglou
[McGill University]
Building models of practice: The OXSYS software for hospital design, 1969-1974

Evening location: Max-Guther-Saal

Annabel Jane Wharton
[Duke University]
Am I good?

21:00 | Opening reception

Thursday, 03.11.2022

Main location: Wilhelm-Köhler-Saal

08:30 | Registration

Oliver Elser
[Deutsches Architekturmuseum]
Introduction: On models in participatory processes

Maxime Zaugg
[ETH Zurich]
In the eye of the beholder: New representation techniques for public urban scale models

Ecaterina Stefanescu
[University of Central Lancashire]
Rooms: Modelling migrancy in the context of Berlin

Tamar Zinguer
[University of Oklahoma]
Worlds in a box: Modeling (inner and outer) landscapes

Cansu Degirmencioglu [Technical University of Munich]
Deniz Avci Hosanli [Izmir University of Economics]
The politics of cutting and gluing: Architectural models as propaganda in early Republican Turkey

11:00 | Coffee break

Teresa Fankhänel
[Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University]
Introduction: On their afterlife and decay

Stéphanie Quantin-Biancalani
[Contemporary Architecture Collection in the Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine]
Crossing and transformation. About Paul Andreu’s sphere models

Stefanie Brünenberg, Kai Drewes [online]
[Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space]
How to use architectural models: Connecting archive and research

Daniel Cardoso Llach
[School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University]
Models and visions. Experimental reconstructions of design pasts

13:10 | Lunch break

Lisa Beißwanger
[Technical University of Darmstadt]
Introduction: On models as actors and sStages

Christian Janecke
[University of Arts and Design in Offenbach/Main]
Modelling scenic attitudes. On funnels, conical stairs and caveae in postmodern architecture

Giulia Amoresano [University of California, Los Angeles]
Christina Moushoul [Princeton University]
From Site to Set: the multi-scalar effect of architectural models in crafting gender and sexuality in postwar Italy

Mara Trübenbach
[Oslo School of Architecture and Design]
Sculptural puzzles. A conversation essay about model making, rituals and material literacy in architecture

16:10 | Coffee break

Christiane Fülscher
[Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts]
Introduction: On copies and casts

Diana Cristobal Olave [online]
[Princeton University]
One-to-one scale: Witnessing the Walker Art Center’s Idea Houses I and II (1941-1947)

Ana Carolina Pellegrini [online]
[Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul]
Unstuck architectures: When the building becomes a model

Wonseok Chae
[Bergische Universität Wuppertal]
The modeling grammar of the real

Simona Valeriani
[Victoria and Albert Museum and Royal College of Art]
Copying, building, sharing. Multiple approaches to the study of a historical model.

with Thomas Demand [online],
Annabel Jane Wharton and Anna-Maria Meister

Friday, 04.11.2022

Main location: Wilhelm-Köhler-Saal

08:30 | Registration

Chris Dähne
[Goethe University Frankfurt a. M. and Technical University of Darmstadt]
Andreas Noback
[Technical University of Darmstadt]
Introduction: On digital multiples twins and simulation processes

Gabriele Gramelsberger
[RWTH Aachen]
Digital twin, metaverse and computerbased simulation

Yana Boeva
[University of Stuttgart]
The model multiple: On approximation work in digital models and twin

Baris Wenzel
[Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences]
Digitally recreating the Mannheim Multihalle model – Exploring the simulation of physical form-finding in the tradition of Frei Otto

Carolin Höfler
[TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences]
Models in reality: Computation and simulation in architecture

11:00 | Coffee break

Nadja Gaudillière-Jami
[Technical University of Darmstadt]
Introduction: On models in future practice

Andreas Pilot
[Technical University of Darmstadt]
Built together! Digital models and teaching teamplay

Salome Schepers
[ETH Zürich]
The mock-up

Beth Hughes, Adrian Lahoud
[Royal College of Art]
Set and setting: Architecture and the rehearsal of sense

13:10 | Lunch break

Christina Clausen
[LOEWE Research Cluster „Architectures of Order“]
Introduction: On model didactics

Kelly Joan Whitmer [online]
Sewanee: The University of the South
Games, models and projects in pedagogical praxis, c. 1650 – 1750

Alberto Calderoni
[University of Naples]
What we have learned, so far

Holger Zaunstöck [online]
[Francke Foundations Halle]
What am I, actually? The model of the Halle orphanage (1719/20)

16:30 | Closing remarks