Carles Oliver Barceló
Francisco Cifuentes Utrero
Aulets Arquitectes, Mallorca
„Stone, earth and wood“

Carles Oliver studied architecture at the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB). In 2009 he was hired at the Balearic Social Housing Institute (IBAVI), where he has been the director of the Life Reusing Posidonia project, funded by the European programme LIFE+ for Nature Conservation & Climate Change Adaptation Projects. Currently, he is the Head of Technical Department. He has given lectures around Europe. His work has been extensively published and exhibited. He received some awards that facilitate his credibility when he explains that things can be done differently. 

Francisco Cifuentes is an architect and partner at Aulets Arquitectes, which he founded in 2012. Aulets is a studio that dedicates to projects and research on the architecture, landscape and territory. They understand the profession of the architect as a work that gives answers to a community in a particular trritory using materials and crafts linked to this territory. Each project proposes an alternative of how to inhabit the territory with local resources. Cifuentes studied architecture at ETSAB in Barcelona (2002) where he also received a PhD in architecture in 2015. He has been General Director of Housing of the Palma City Council, 2015–2018 and a professor at the EAR in Reus (2008-2015), at the ESARQ UIC in Barcelona (2008-2009). Since 2020 he is a professor at the La Salle School of Architecture, Barcelona. He has given lecture around Europe and his work has been widely published and exhibited. In 2021 he initiated the Amarar project, which develops a new production model to use Majorcan wood in buildings and at the same time to take care of our forests. He also undertakes the research on the sandstone in Majorca (culture and new construction strategies) together with the Aarhus School Architecture (Denmark) and on the projects of Jørn Utzon in the island.

Über die Veranstaltungsreihe
Seit dem Wintersemester 1970/71 veranstaltet der Fachbereich Architektur die Mittwochabend-Vorträge. Ins Leben gerufen wurde die Veranstaltungsreihe von Max Bächer, Professor für Entwerfen und Raumgestaltung von 1964 bis 1993. Die Mittwochabend-Vorträge sind seitdem die meistbesuchte, öffentliche Vortragsreihe der Technischen Universität Darmstadt und leisten damit einen wichtigen Beitrag zum Wissenstransfer. Seit 2008 liegen die Konzeption und Organisation in den Händen des Fachgebietes Entwerfen und Baugestaltung.

Die Veranstaltungen sind öffentlich und kostenfrei. 

Informationen zur Teilnahme und zur Anerkennung von Fortbildungspunkten
unter: https://www.architektur.tu-darmstadt.de/mittwochabend

Organisation und Konzeption

FG Entwerfen und Baugestaltung
Prof. Wolfgang Lorch
Dr. Robert Göhringer
B.Sc. Hannah Lucius

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Mittwochs, 18 Uhr c.t.

02. November 2022

Sichten 25 – Jahresausstellung des Fachbereichs

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11. Januar 2023
Carles Oliver Barceló
IBAVI, Mallorca
Francisco Cifuentes Utrero
Aulets Arquitectes, Mallorca
„Stone, earth and wood“

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