Gastprofessor hält Vortrag im Deutschen Architekturmuseum


Gastprofessor hält Vortrag im Deutschen Architekturmuseum

Prof. Dr. Yunsheng Su

Prof. Dr. Su, der derzeit Gastprofessor am Fachbereich Architektur ist, hält am Dienstag, den 09.06. um 19:00 Uhr im Deutschen Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt einen Vortrag mit dem Titel „Super Smart Cities“.

Dr. Su is director of the Technical Development Center on Shanghai Tong Ji Urban Planning & Design Institute.

Super Smart City
By comparing the differences of mechanisms used during fossil-era and pre-fossil-era, it can be concluded that patterns of energy used reflected itself not only on productivity, but also on structure. Guiding by Moore’s Law, urban planning follows Multi-scale Energy-Information cell, from personal space to city space, guided by City information model. Base on a range of relations from personal to city space, all these layers are developed by “6S” principles, which are Safety, Sustainability, Security, Smart, Share, Service. These are the ways in which all traditional cities are turning into Super Smart Cities.
In terms of Super Smart City construction process, the close and exclusive decision process has been replaced by the open and dynamic information system. Based on this, neo-energy city construction process with the whole life cycle is able to stimulate the promotion of neo-energy products and service system.

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