"Thinking Outside the Box"


„Thinking Outside the Box“

eine Ausstellung der Arbeiten von Mundus Urbano

Vom 22. bis zum 30. Juni 2015 wird im Hörsaal- und Medienzentrum auf der Lichtwiese die Ausstellung „Thinking Outside the Box“ zu sehen sein.
Die Eröffnung findet am Montag, den 22. Juni um 14 Uhr statt, es sprechen Prof. Annette Rudolph-Cleff und Britta Eiermann.

„Thinking Outside the Box“

is more than an exhibition; it is also a reflection of urban reality we are facing today. The complexity of urban systems and the uncertainty of the impact of urbanization and climate change ask for new ways of thinking about planning objectives and solidarity in action. We certainly can’t change the urban dynamics, but we can point at the existing and emerging issues to provoke both critical and creative thinking, as raising local awareness is the first, small step to make the world a better place.

Behind the exhibition opening at the TU Darmstadt in July 2015 are three semesters of intensive work. The future steps involve relocation of the exhibition to all of our partner universities of mundus urbano around the world involved with the international master programme. Barcelona, Grenoble, Rome and Shanghai are the future destinations. Similarly to any other trip, however, this journey will also provide us some experience and make some impressions that will certainly reflect on the content of the future exhibitions. At the end of this long journey, we are looking forward to seeing „Thinking Outside the Box“ opening in Frankfurt’s DAM (German Architecture Museum) in April 2016.

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