Exchange Programmes

The Faculty of Architecture has links with 45 partner universities in 22 countries worldwide. All regularly enrolled students of the Faculty of Architecture irrespective of their origin are legible to apply.

In general, exchange programmes can be divided into two groups: within European region (including Turkey) there are various agreements within Erasmus+ Programme; many bilateral agreements have also been established with different universities outside of the European region. In all agreements, contingents of placements for architecture students of TU Darmstadt are fixed. These agreements guarantee tuition remission at our partner universities.

In addition to the existing collaborations, many other universities also offer a study-abroad programme. Students have the possibilities to establish contacts and organise their own studies as free-movers with these institutes. Interested students must carry out the entire application process on their own and may need to pay the tuition fees to the respective universities. In this case, we recommend our students to consult the International Office (Architecture).