War in Ukraine – prospects for the interdisciplinary post-Soviet urban research

2023 International Volkswagen Symposium & Workshop


The international symposium and workshop “War in Ukraine – prospects for the interdisciplinary post-Soviet urban research” , funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, will be orrganized in February 2023 in the Kongresszentrum Schloss Herrenhausen in Hannover.

Since the last year, we have all been influenced by the significant social, political and economic consequences of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict that equally affected interdisciplinary post-Soviet urban research. An international academic community researching in this context have perceived these events as highly critical, urging for initiation of a platform for identifying short- and medium-term research perspectives and exploring new possibilities for research dialogue with colleagues from the post-Soviet space.

The symposium “War in Ukraine – prospects for the interdisciplinary post-Soviet urban research”, supported by the Volkswagen Foundation, aims to offer a constructive and open atmosphere to reflect on and systematize the consequences of the current developments for interdisciplinary urban research related to Eastern Europe. In addition, this occasion is also an opportunity to identify socio-political and spatially relevant core topics for urban research and regional networking, and to provide solutions for methodological and organizational challenges of the “(Cold) War science”.

Organisational commite of the symposium:
Carola Neugebauer (RWTH Aachen)
Elena Batunova (RWTH Aachen)
Barbara Engel (KIT Karlsruhe)
Annegret Haase (HZU Leipzig)
Nebojsa Camprag (TU Darmstadt)

The symposium is funded by the programme “Symposien” of the Volkswagen Foundation.