Campus tours

The Department of Architecture offers individualized architectural tours of the Stadtmitte Campus and the Lichtwiese Campus. Duration and program will be arranged upon your request.

The building history of the TU Darmstadt reflects not least the history of the university. Since its foundation in 1877, the university buildings in Darmstadt have left their mark and shaped the cityscape.

Closely linked to the urban development of the city, the buildings show the development of architecture in Darmstadt in an exciting and authentic way.

The university has two main locations

  • the Stadtmitte campus in the center of the city
  • and the campus Lichtwiese on the southern outskirts of the city (including the building of the department of architecture).

The guided tours are led by Brigitte Kuntzsch M.A., a renowned expert. Her knowledge from about 20 years of dealing with the structural development and the history of the university, with the history of the faculty of architecture and its professors as well as the history of Darmstadt makes her a knowledgeable guide during the tours.

You will not only learn facts and figures, but also development contexts and little anecdotes that provide entertaining entertainment.

Numerous essays and articles as well as contributions to major publications vividly demonstrate Brigitte Kuntzsch's scholarly expertise on the subject.

University History

In the six-volume documentation of university history (Technische Bildung in Darmstadt, Darmstadt 1995-2000), which followed a major exhibition of the same name, she was responsible for the architectural-historical part as well as for the scientific preparation of archival material on university development.

Architectural studies

The indexing and preparation of architects' legacies – in particular architecture teachers of the TH Darmstadt and their architectural traces on site – led to small exhibitions, which Brigitte Kuntzsch developed in the context of project seminars with students at the Department of History and Theory of Architecture of the TU Darmstadt and which were shown in the Hessian State Archives.

History of the Department of Architecture

Under the motto “TUD in the DAM”, the Department of Architecture of the TU Darmstadt presented itself in 2003 in the German Museum of Architecture in Frankfurt. An exhibition on the history of the department complemented the presentation. Brigitte Kuntzsch was responsible for the concept, implementation and scientific support of the historical exhibition.


  • Are you interested in searching for architectural traces of the university?
  • Have you not been to your place of study for a long time and are curious to see what it looks like today?
  • Do you still need an attractive addition to your social program?
  • Or are you just curious and would like to know more about the buildings of the TU in your city?

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  • Number of participants
  • Architectural tour “Campus Stadtmitte” or "Campus Lichtwiese


As a rule, the tours last one and a half to two and a half hours.
We are also happy to adapt the tour to your wishes, possibly serving other focal points or setting new accents. Just ask.


The individualized architectural tours are tailor-made for you or your group. Exact content, duration, route and locations can be discussed.
> Costs on request.