Friedrich Gräfling AA Dipl. (Hons)


Work L3|01 477
El-Lissitzky-Str. 1
64287 Darmstadt


Friedrich Gräfling acts at the interface of architecture, art and culture and is deeply rooted in questioning about today's constitution of a »contemporary mixing chamber«. He graduated with Honours from the Architectural Association in London in 2013. His thesis project »contemporary court« has been nominated for RIBA Silver President`s Medal in the same year and has been discussed, reviewed and exhibited widely since. The basis of the research initiated real testing strategies, such as the exhibition and debate platform Salon Kennedy in Frankfurt, being counterbalanced by the founding and running of Kunstverein Wiesen 60km east in the Spessart. The physical as well as theoretical backbone of initiating cultural diplomacy and thus developing territorial planning is the core of Friedrichs interest. Friedrich`s work has been exhibited internationally, such as at Interieur Kortrijk, Belgium, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan, Royal Academy of Arts in London or the London Festival of Architecture. He has organised and led an AA Visiting School in Frankfurt, has taught at the first architectural student exchange program in Pyjongyang and holds a visiting tutor- and lectureship at the AA School of Architecture.

2021 Lehrauftrag, TU Darmstadt
Perspektivwechsel Höchst
2016 – ongoing AAPP
tutor of the course »professional practice« at the Architectural Association
2015 AAVS Pyongyang
ourse tutor of AA Visiting School Pyongyang »state(s) of exception: exploring urban development in North Korea«
2015 AAVS Frankfurt #1
director of AA Visiting School Frankfurt »peripheral museum of contemporary art«
2014 – ongoing Kunstverein Wiesen e.V.
2014 – ongoing
online Magazine focusing on interviews
2013 – ongoing Salon Kennedy
exhibition space for contemporary art and architecture, Frankfurt am Main
2013 AA Dipl.(Hons), Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, UK
Contemporary Court
2020 – ongoing Jury Panel art competition – Princess Diya Kumari Foundation, India
2019 – ongoing Jury Panel museum prize »Y« – Kulturstiftung der Länder
2013 ARB/RIBA Silver Medal Nomination
2013 AA Diploma Honors
2013 ARB/RIBA II – Technical Studies High Pass
2009 ARB/RIBA I – Technical Studies High Pass
2006 – 2009 AA Student Forum President
2008 Second Place at the AIA UK Design Charette
2007 Third Place at the AIA UK Design Charette
2006 Julia Wood Foundation Prize
08th October
`working remotely´, digitally streamed via the Architectural Association
wednesday evening lecturer
30th October
`Knowledge Production outside the Metroplitan´, AA, London, UK
wednesday evening lecturer
17th October
`Cultural Strategies for a practice´, Architectural Associaton, London, UK
wednesday evening lecturer
25th October
`Shaping Culture´, Architectural Associaton, London, UK
wednesday evening lecturer
26th October
`Understanding the practice´, Architectural Associaton, London, UK
wednesday evening lecturer
6th October
`Da ist Musik drin. Ländlicher Raum und Kultur´, BDA Hessen, Wiesbaden, D
lecturer and discussion with Peter Haimerl
5th August
`culture as an urban strategy´, Pyongyang Architecture University, DPRK
lecturer and series of 6 short excercises
23rd June
`Cultural Supply Chain´, Technische Universität, Darmstadt, D
lecturer in combination with course »Urban Health Games«
14th March
`Cultural Supply Chain´, Symposium Museum Today, Frankfurt, D
pannel speaker at symposium, Salon Kennedy, Frankfurt
26th September
`CC & Mittelstand for Wiesen´, Architectural Associaton, London, UK
pannel speaker at project review
11th May
`Contemporary Court´, SBE University, Maastricht, NL
pannel speaker at lecture debating forms of contemporary courts
08th February
`ARTitecture´, AA School, London, UK
pannel speaker at lecture coinciding with exhibition
14th December
`Day/Night shift´, Okyo Geijutsu Daigaku, Tokyo, Japan
lecturer of design research in Tokyo