Conference paper for AIC 2021 has been published


In September 2021, Lanqing Gu presented the research paper “Using artificial ground color to promote a restorative sidewalk experience: an experimental study based on manipulated street view images”on AIC Congress Milan 2021.

Color isfrequently used in urban outdoor spaces, but little research has studied its psychological effects. This study explores the influence of sidewalk floor color (red, green, and blue) on the restorative walking experience in a busy, inner city street lacking natural greenery. The results showed that“artificial” green ground color, e.g. provided by paint or colored material, promoted a more restorative walking experience enhancing hedonic tone and arousal and increased relaxation more than red ground color.All three color-interventions improved perceived restorativeness and arousal. This study advances the understanding of the psychological impact of color in urban design.

The paper has been included in AIC 2021 Proceedings.
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