Admission to ARCH+ and Sto-Stiftung scholarship program

This year, Sarah Knechtel has been awarded the scholarship jointly offered by ARCH+ and the Sto-Stiftung. Students and graduates are given the opportunity to contribute to the content of the magazine and thus to the practical dissemination of critical architectural discourse.

The scholarship holders work as part of the editorial team in very diverse areas. The tasks range from research work and building description to illustration and the creation of a preliminary layout for the print magazine. This work gives them a special insight into the various projects and different facets of those, which are to be made accessible to the readership. In addition to the editorial work, the events, such as the feature, of ARCH+ are also an integral part of the daily work day.

Particularly impressive through this thorough examination of the topics is also the exchange about architecture, which, as Sarah shares, she has rarely experienced so intensively in her previous studies.

More information about the scholarship holders and the annual scholarship can be found on the ARCH+ website.

About the Institutions:

Since its establishment in 2005, the Sto-Stiftung has promoted the conscious design of the built environment, supporting not only construction and research projects but also young people in their craft or academic training.

ARCH+ Magazine for Architecture and Urbanism has been one of the indispensable media since 1968, not only accompanying architectural events but also shaping them with its topics.