Projects and Cooperations

Working with national and international partners and interdisciplinary collaborations are essential components for outstanding research. On this page you will find an overview of current projects and cooperations of all members of the department.

Admission to ARCH+ and Sto-Stiftung scholarship program

This year, Sarah Knechtel has been awarded the scholarship jointly offered by ARCH+ and the Sto-Stiftung. Students and graduates are given the opportunity to contribute to the content of the magazine and thus to the practical dissemination of critical architectural discourse.


Memories of the Resistance: Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky and the Art of Collective Dissidence, 1919-1989.

Excerpt from: Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, Gefängnisbuch, Wien, ca. 1942, today lost. Source: AzW, Archhitekturzentrum Wien.

This translation and monograph makes Austrian architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky's memories from her time in the resistance against the Nazi regime available to an international readership. Part of the project is the foundation of the long-term research group “Architecture in Resistance”.

Research project by Prof. Dr. Sophie Hochhäusl (Senior Research Fellow of the Humboldt Foundation)


Education in a System – West German Campus Universities of the Postwar Period

Bielefeld University, architecture: Köpke, Kulka, Töpper, Siepmann and Herzog, construction period: 1971-76, image: CC BY-SA 3.0

This project inquires into the historical, socio-political and epistemological dimensions of campus architecture. Architecture is seen on the one hand as a reflection of its social, political and economic contexts, and on the other hand as a formative force that shapes how people live and work together.

Habilitation project by Dr. Lisa Beißwanger


“Housewives and Architects”: Marie-Elisabeth Lüders’ Management of the New Architecture From Pot-Lid to Siedlung

This article aims to extend the techno-scientific (and male) histories of both standardization and the New Architecture with a reframing of what constituted “architectural elements” from the viewpoint of the very “housewives” who shaped modern architecture from the pot-lid outward.

Research project by Prof. Dr. Anna-Maria Meister


Reconstruction Reconsidered

As part of the DAAD Visiting Lecturer Program starting on 01.04.2021, we are challenging the new construction premise of architectural education in a research and teaching project with Dr. Igor Demchenko, taking on an investigation into the theory and practice of reconstruction.


Coding Objects: Proto-Algorithmic Thinking in Architecture

Ernst Neufert, Spatial Divisons from Studio to Palace, Bauentwurfslehre (1936)

In this interdisciplinary project, case studies of architects working with bureaucrats to automate design will be used to question the separate confrontation between design and bureaucracy, and between “neutral” technology and ethics.

Initiative: Prof. Dr. Anna-Maria Meister


Centre for Documentary Architecture

Exhibition display »The Matter of Data«, CDA, Berlin, 2020. Photo: Ortrun Bargholz

The Centre for Documentary Architecture (CDA) is an interdisciplinary research network that explores buildings as documents and built environments as archives in which history is inscribed.

Initiative: Prof. Dr. Ines Weizman

ATW-Researcher: Anna Luise Schubert

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Radical Pedagogies

Foto: Evangelos Kotsioris

This multi-year international collaborative research project of B. Colomina, I. G. Galán, E. Kotsiories and A.-M. Meister explores a series of pedagogical experiments in the education of future architects that played a crucial role in shaping architectural discourse and practice in the second half of the twentieth century.