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Radical Pedagogies

Radical Pedagogies is a multi-year international collaborative research project. After exhibitions at the Lisbon Triennial 2013 and the Venice Architecture Biennial 2014 (where it received a Special Mention from the Jury under Rem Koolhaas) the eponymous book with more than 110 global case studies is forthcoming. Edited by Beatriz Colomina (Princeton University), Ignacio G. Galán (Barnard College/Columbia University), Evangelos Kotsioris (MoMA New York) and Anna-Maria Meister explores a series of pedagogical experiments that played a crucial role in shaping architectural discourse and practice in the second half of the twentieth century. As a challenge to normative thinking, they questioned, redefined, and reshaped the postwar field of architecture. They are radical in the literal meaning stemming from the Latin radix (root), as they question the basis of architecture. These new modes of teaching shook foundations and disturbed assumptions, rather than reinforcing and disseminating them. They operated as small endeavors, sometimes on the fringes of institutions, but with long-lasting impact until today.

On May 17, 2022, the research group's book Radical Pedagogies will be published by The MIT Press. Pre-order now

The panel with Tom Holert and Anna-Maria Meister inaugurated the conference Architectures of Education at Nottingham Contemporary, 8 November 2019. This event was a three-day programme with presentations, workshops, keynotes and screening reflecting on cultures and architectures of education today, and speculate about what futures may lay on the horizons of knowledge production. Tom Holert talked about 1967 Rice Design Fete, and Anna-Maria Meister looked at the case-studies identified by the Radical Pedagogies project based at Princeton University.

Foto: Evangelos Kotsioris
Foto: Evangelos Kotsioris