Let's Talk Shit!

Round table on 27 January 2022 at 7 pm

Let's Talk Shit

The Seminar “The Architecture of Shit” by Jocelyn Froimovich, discusses the designs of excretion — from plumbing to toilets — as one of the most standardized ones in our field.

Public bathrooms, for instance, rarely exhibit the urban, social and economic variables at stake: water consumption, urban plumbing, waste management, maintenance, universal accessibility, gender politics — if anything, public bathrooms are designed to hide these issues.

What if we think of excretion in other ways? Can a different public vision on shit provide a new understanding of our cities? To expand on these questions we have invited special guests to talk SHIT!

Roundtable discussion organized by Jocelyn Froimovich (ATW) and Anna-Maria Meister with Eva Schreiner (PhD candidate, Columbia University), Laila Seewang (Assistant Professor, School of Architecture Portland State University), Alexandra Karentzos (Department of Fashion and Aesthetics, Technische Universität Darmstadt), Matilde Cassani (Architectural Association), Ignacio González Galán (Assistant Professor in Architecture Barnard College, Columbia University), and Iván López Munuera (PhD candidate, Princeton University).