Touching Cellulose. Rhethink Construction

Öffentliche Vortragsreihe über die Zukunft des Holzbaus noch bis zum 24.09.


Mit Prof. Felix Waechter in Zusammenarbeit mit der Technischen Universität Delft und der Königlichen Dänischen Akademie.

Next generation of wood architecture. Architecture and the building industry are in need of a paradigm shift, due to the growing awareness of their huge contribution to global climate change and the ongoing depletion of mineral resources. In order to counter carbon emissions and sourcing building material sustainably, future design and construction are unthinkable without massive use of timber, the only structural building material that stores carbon while it grows in our forests! The introduction of mass timber at the end of the 20th century as an alternative to concrete and steel was already a huge innovation for the construction industry. Now it is time for the next generation of wood architecture in which computer-aided design and robotic manufacturing go hand in hand with a revival of craftsmanship and wood building culture.

This year Touching Cellulose is a two-part online series launched on 23 April 2021. These lectures, which are found online on the Touching Cellulose website, include speakers like Fabio Gramazio and Pablo van der Lugt. For the second part, 13-24 September 2021, we are hosting online seminars that are open to the public and an international design workshop for registered students.

Touching Cellulose is initiated by Gilbert Koskamp and further developed with Anne Beim, Felix Waechter and Pierre Jennen together with Delft University of Technology, the Royal Danish Academy and Technical University of Darmstadt Germany.

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