Comparative Urbanism – Seminar Summer 2022

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The Healthy City – Comparing Wiesbaden, Germany and Alexandria, USA / 3CPs course for Bachelor and Master Students / Starting date: 01.03.2022 / Final presentation: 10.05.2022

In this online course, students will explore and understand the concept of healthy cities, its current challenges, and possible actions and interventions. In addition, students will design and develop a collaborative group research project through comparative research with the aim to identify and analyze a specific problem related to the concept of “The Healthy City” in both Germany and the United States, and each group will conclude their research with some recommendations and visions. The course is an introduction to research methodologies in urban design with a focus of gaining fresh empiric data (e.g. observations, counting, interviews, mapping, etc.). These research methods will lead students to the development of a theoretical framework and will allow students to contextualize the empiric findings applied.

The course is a cooperation between Department of Architecture (FB15), Technical University of Darmstadt (TUDa) and the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center (WAAC), Virginia Tech (VT), and is intended to enhance the (digital) mobility of students and professors of both universities.


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