Research Colloquium on Urban Planning

Transatlantic Architectural Discourse, June – September 2022


This research colloquium is directed to architecture students from the TU Darmstadt and Virginia Tech who are willing to start, are in the middle, or at the end phase of a research project (e.g. research module, bachelor or master thesis) in topics related to sustainable urban planning, urban mobility, healthy and inclusive cities. In this research colloquium students will receive: support from teachers with research experience, potential guest lectures related to the prominent topics and peer feedback from the classmates from both universities.

The final objective of this colloquium is to provide a semi-formal space for the students and teachers of both universities to promote research in urban planning, learning from each other and to exchanging ideas and knowledge through peer feedback.
The second phase of the project IVAC – a Research Colloquium, is and extension of the first teaching format (Seminar Comparative Urbanism) intended to promote research in urban planning.


Urban planning, sustainable urban development, healthy and inclusive cities, sustainable urban mobility.

Open to

Bachelor and master students of Architecture who are taking part on one of these teaching formats and are willing to join the colloquium to get more support (note that only for some teaching formats, the research colloquium offers credit points).

Potential Teaching formats + CP

Research Module (5CP) – Supervised by GVF – Research Colloquium as the main teaching platform
Bachelor Thesis (0CP) – Supervised by others – Research Colloquium just as support
Master Thesis (0CP) – Supervised by others – Research Colloquium just as support

Duration / Time plan

14 June – 20 September 2022
Every Tuesdays at 15:00 CET (Darmstadt) / 9:00 EST (Virginia)

Register in advance via email to:
Please send the title, a short abstract (~500 words) and the current stand of your research project (starting, in the middle or finalizing it).