Call for Papers: Towards urban resilience

Internationaler Workshop an der UIC Barcelona am 23. und 24. Mai 2017


Die vom Fachgebiet Entwerfen und Stadtentwicklung (Prof. Annette Rudolph-Cleff) organisierte Veranstaltung befasst sich The complexity of urban systems and the uncertainty of the impact of urbanization and climate change ask for new ways of thinking about planning objectives and solidarity in action. Cities are complex, adaptive systems of networked services and infrastructures. Growing urban populations, the concentration of resources and capital, unclear contingency planning, the often inadequate and environmentally unsound water supply and sewage management, the menacing continual destruction of ecosystems, and out-dated infrastructures and buildings, all present massive challenges to city planning.

With the goal of strengthening resilience, there has been a lasting change of perspective in planning. The scope has been broadened from a specialized viewpoint to an interdisciplinary understanding of interactions and processes within the cityscape. Resilience is an anticipatory principle that transcends risk reduction and attempts to mitigate the effects of system failures while increasing capacities.

The overall aim is to combine resilience strategies and sustainability by:

i) enhancing sustainable urbanization
ii) improving ecosystems and nature-based solutions
iii) developing climate change adaptation and mitigation
iv) strengthening community-based approaches and social resilience

Developing a network is an important step to promote resource-sensitive urban design and enable educational and professional shift towards resilience and sustainability. Thus, the International Workshop at UIC Barcelona in cooperation with UN-Habitat’s City Resilience Profiling Programme(CRPP) and TU Darmstadt will offer the possibility to bring innovative ideas on resilience to discussion.The joint research hub, Urban Resilience Institute (URI), in cooperation with UN-Habitat CRRP aims to analyse practices and processes in the design of resilient and sustainable cities. The hub will gather young researchers from the European Joint Doctorate Programme within the Mundus UrbanoConsortium, and from the Fellowship Programme on “Urban Infrastructures in Transition: The Case of African Cities,” as well as the research group on Critical Infrastructures at TU Darmstadt. Currently working from academic institutions based in Europe, researchers from Germany, India, Italy, Kenya, Lebanon, Uganda, and Spain, will present their research projects in four sessions covering the topics of: critical infrastructures, resource-sensitive urban design, housing and land management, and post-crisis emergency reconstruction; opening for discussion on conceptional approaches “towards urban resilience” with international researchers, Master- and PhD-students.

  • We accept proposals for academic papers of approx.. 250 words
  • Selected papers will be considered for publication (paper compendium)
  • Sessions are going to be limited to ~ 2-4 papers
  • Deadline is April, 14th, 2017
  • Submissions should be addressed to :: est :: staff member Bjoern Hekmati: , subject: “TUR BCN17 – proposal”


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