Pedestrians and Bakeries

Visiting research student Christa Yeung joins UHG


Christa Yeung is a visiting research student coming from the Honours Human Geography undergraduate program at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. She is joining the Urban Health Games reserach group (UHG) for 2.5 months …

… through TU Darmstadt's International Research Experience Program (IREP) which enables undergraduate and graduate students from USA and Canada to actively participate in research in their field and gain intercultural experience. Christa is working with the Urban Health Games research group on the project „Urban Design and Sustainable Mobility Systems“, which is supervised by Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Knöll.. She’ll focus on the effects of pedestrianization in Frankfurt on transportation uses, mental wellbeing and accessibility.

Christa's personal research interests lie in urban planning, social justice, and the intersections of built environments and urban biodiversity. She's excited to collaborate with Urban Health Games on real-world research, blending critical theory with empirical methodologies. Outside of research, Christa looks forward to exploring the delicious landscape of German bakeries and visiting as many museums as possible.

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International Research Experience Program

Christa Cheung (Photo: private)
Christa Cheung (Photo: private)