Built environments of refugee children’s physical activity
Studies of refugee accommodations and their neighbourhoods in Berlin
Projektbezeichnung Built environments of refugee children’s physical activity
Projektinhalt Refugee children often spend a considerable amount of time in refugee accommodations, where they face an uncertain transitio. Such temporary settings make it difficult for refugee children to engage in physical activity (PA), which is essential for their health and development. It is necessary to identify environmen- tal factors in relevant contexts associated with their PA. Research is still at an early stage, and there is li- mited understanding of how diverse environmental attributes in and around refugee accommodations are related to children’s PA levels. This dissertation exa- mined research questions on micro- and meso-envi- ronmental characteristics of refugee accommodations associated with refugee children’s PA; moreover, per- ceived environmental barriers/facilitators from both parents’ and children’s perspectives.
  • Dr. Siqi Chen

Urban Design and Planning (UDP)
Prof. Dr. Martin Knöll

Prof. Dr. Takemi Sugiyama
Centre for Urban Transitions, Swinburne University of Technology
Laufzeit 2017-2021
Förderung China Scholarship Council
Webseite sociospatialinteraction.wordpress.com