Buddy Programme

The International Office of the Faculty of Architecture organizes a buddy programme to support students from abroad during their start and their studies at the TU Darmstadt. All students of the faculty can participate in this programme. For local students who take part in one of the exchange programmes (like e.g. Erasmus+) participation in the buddy programme is mandatory.

The tasks of the buddies include, for example

  • support after the arrival in Germany like e.g. with administrative procedures and accommodation
  • establishing the contact between the students from abroad and the students of the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Darmstadt.
  • the settling in Darmstadt and at the Technical University of Darmstadt to facilitate through joint activities.
  • giving advice during the semester.

Benefits for the Buddy:

  • improvement of language skills
  • useful contacts for your own stay abroad
  • gaining intercultural competence
  • meet new friends
  • written confirmation of the commitment as a Buddy
  • 2 CPs (optional)

Above all the buddy activity should be fun and is not intended to be a full-time job. Good and friendly contacts with students from abroad may be developed.


In the best case, the buddy activity should be started before the student's own stay abroad. Registration for the Buddy Programme takes place either by August (before the application and nomination for the exchange places) for participation in the winter semester or by March for participation in the summer semester. During a kick-off event and an intercultural training, the buddies are prepared for their task. Since the international students need the most help before the semester starts, the buddy activity begins about one month before the semester starts, i.e. at the beginning of September or the beginning of March.

Two CPs can be earned by participating in the buddy programme.
To obtain these you must:

  • At the beginning of the semester:
    – Participate in the kick-off event
    – take part in the intercultural workshop
    – participate in the welcome event for international students
  • During the semester:
    – Be a good buddy :)
    – Participate in the Potluck Evening collaborative with your buddies
  • At the end of the semester:
    – Write a short report (two A4 pages)
    – Fill in a questionnaire