Study Abroad

The Department of Architecture currently has more than 50 partner universities in over 20 countries worldwide. All regularly enrolled students of the Department can apply to study abroad.

There are agreements with partner universities in Europe (including Turkey) within the ERASMUS+ programme as well as bilateral agreements with universities from outside Europe , each of which stipulates a fixed number of study places for students of the Department of Architecture at TU Darmstadt. At the same time, these guarantee the waiving of tuition fees at the partner universities.

In addition, it is also possible for students to complete independently organised semester abroad as so-called freemovers at any time. Many universities with which there are no partnerships also offer the opportunity to do so. However, interested students must manage the respective application process on their own and pay any tuition fees that may be incurred. Nevertheless, it is advisable to make arrangements with the International Office (Architecture).

Further opportunities for international exchange are offered by an internship funded by ERASMUS+ as well as the programmes of the Federal State of Hesse , which allow Bachelor's and Master's students to study at partner universities in the US states of Massachusetts and Wisconsin as well as in Queensland, Australia, free of charge. In addition, there are various opportunities at the Department of Architecture to take part in an internationalisation at home in Darmstadt.

But what are the reasons for studying abroad in the first place? Besides the experience of other study contents, methods, ideas on architecture, the gain in intercultural and social competence as well as the formation of an international network is also a great enrichment. Especially against the backdrop of the constantly changing professional image of architects and the declining construction volume in Germany over the past few years, experience abroad can have a positive effect on career opportunities and open up new fields of work and perspectives. In addition, if you are planning to apply for a (Master's) degree at another university, you should check whether it is necessary to study abroad. Some universities have integrated periods of study abroad firmly into the curricula of the architecture degree programme and therefore consider them advantageous. For inspiration on studying worldwide, visit the website of the BMBF and DAAD.

Important questions and information on the individual exchange opportunities are answered on these websites. The information brochure »Go out!« (opens in new tab) provides detailed information on scheduling, requirements, application and recognition. In addition, the TU's International Affairs Department offers information events on »Ways to Study Abroad«. In addition, the International Office of the Faculty of Architecture is also happy to support and advise students in planning their studies abroad.