Bachelor: For Bachelor students, usually in the 5th or the 6th semester (as such, the Bachelor thesis will be shifted to the 7th and the 8th semester respectively).

Master: For Master students, the 3rd and the 4th semesters are ideal. (as such, the Master thesis will be shifted to the 5th and the 6th semester respectively).

On the faculty's website under the thread „International“, you can find an overview of partner universities, sorted by country.

Additionally, you can also find out more about each university via the links.

There are two different kinds of international partnerships:

Erasmus partnerships involve universities in the European countries (EU, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey)

Bilateral partnerships are formed with partner universities in non-European countries.

In both cases, the faculty has its own agreements and a fixed quota of exchange places, which are only available for architecture students.

The architecture faculty has entered into agreements with partner universities, by which you are exempted from paying tuition fees. However, nominal fees such as the insurance, contribution to student council and amenities fees may be imposed.

Fundamentally, it is possible to apply to the universities, with which there is no agreement. However this should ONLY happen after consultation with the International Office Architecture.

We are in the midst of negotiation with some universities. Other universities adhere strictly to their own terms and conditions. In some cases tuition fees are required by the host universities. Complications can be avoided by consulting us.