(Vertiefer-) Entwurf Bachelor | Master (15 | 20 CP)
Summer semester 2018


The Darmstadt main station is a major mobility hub in the Frankfurt Rhein-Main area with 40,000 travellers everyday. At the same time it is a public space that rather disconnected from the local neighbourhoods east and west of the tracks. As part of this urban design studio you will develop concepts to improve the urban quality, connectivity and accessibility of the Darmstadt main station for visitors with restricted mobility and cognitive skills, and families with children. You will work on creating a masterplan for a active communities that is inspired by sustainable mobility systems and Universal Design. Expected results include concepts for new usages, zoning, pedestrians and cycling infrastructure, placemaking, a new orientation system and strategies for an implementation to the existing urban texture.

Dates: Wednesday, 13:30, Room 140

First meeting:
Wednesday April 11th 2018, 10:00
Am Fürstenbahnhof 2, meeting room nr. 9