Design Bachelor / Master (10 | 15 | 20 CP)
Summer Semester 2023

Western Harbour – Concepts for an Adaptive Neighbourhood in Bristol

The focus of this design studio is the transformation of the Western Harbour in Bristol. The western tip of Spike Island is characterised by its very articulated historic layers, spatial traces of adaptation and change. The prominent position and shape as well as historic buildings and brownfield sites exemplify the maritime activities in the former 19th century docks. Underused large scale road infrastructure commemorate the important role as a regional connection point in the 1960s. And the all encompassing water edge is a constant reminder of the natural forces still effecting the site.

Today the site is facing new challenges, and an increasing political pressure for large scale urban development. New concepts will not only have to respond to current needs such as a declining infrastructure and the demand for sustainable places to live and work, but also require the ability to adapt to future changing environments, such as climate change and an increased risk of flooding.

Through the critical and creative engagement with its very distinct own historical identity, we want to explore adaptable structures, that not only react to changes, but rather integrate and stimulate change as a potential for a sustainable urban development. The transformation of Western Harbour should not be defined by a finalised, rigid masterplan, but rather by a vision that is characterised by its flexibility and ability to adapt to a constantly changing spatial, functional and social urban environment, while at the same time offering a stable framework allowing for a more resilient, equitable and sustainable neighbourhood where community can thrive.

Dates: Mittwochs, 9:00-15:00 Uhr
Place: FG UDP: L3|01 R481
1. Meeting: Mittwoch 12. April 2023
Examination: 12. Juli 2023
Instructors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Knöll, Jana von Mackensen, Britta Eiermann
Language: GER / EN
Placement: Tucan

Excursion to Bristol: 26.04. – 29.04.23