(In-Depth-) Design Bachelor | Master (15 | 20 CP)
Winter Semester 2017/18

Frankfurt Reads! Urban Design for an Inclusive Frankfurt Book Fair

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the most important international trade fair for content, the centre of the international media world, and a major cultural event. Its paths, trade stalls, event spaces and communication areas can be seen as a temporary city that hosts more than 285,000 visitors during 5 days. As part of this urban design studio you will develop concepts to improve the urban quality and accessibility for visitors with restricted mobility and cognitive skills, and families with children. You will work on creating an urban master plan inspired by Universal Design concepts with the aim of strengthening the aim of a „Frankfurt Book Fair for all“. Expected results include concepts for new usages, zoning, reorganising neuronal pedestrian nodes, placemaking, a new orientation system and strategies for an implementation to the whole Frankurt Fair facilities.

Dates: Wednesdays, 13:30, Room 140, Urban Health Games Lab