Workshop (3 CP)
Winter semester 2017/18

On the Move

In cooperation with the Design and Urban Development Unit (est)

Inner-city intermodal transport hubs are complex structures. In them, we change means of transport & wait, we depart & arrive, and we bid welcome & goodbye (eventually we get to do some late-night shopping). These experiences vary depending on the individual situation as well as on the design, spatial, and social factors in the respective node. We will approach upcoming design courses that deal with these themes (:: uhg :: est :: SS18) firstly in an analytical manner: individual transport modes and transfer processes will be considered in isolation. The aim is to compile a thorough catalogue, including both hard facts about transport modalities and transfer processes, as well as good practice examples, and own optimization proposals. The collected findings are to be visualized and documented in the workshop and serve as the basis for the upcoming summer semester.

First meeting:
Monday, 13th of February 2018 at Mundus Urbano

19th – 23rd of February 2018 all-day at the FG EUS