Design Bachelor (8 | 10 CP)
Winter Semester 2022/23

Rhine-Main-Home: Oberursel

The dense public transport network of the steadily growing Rhine-Main region enables a diverse urban life throughout the region without the need for a private car: short distances to education and work, leisure, culture and more. In view of the increase in population, city centres are faced with the task of renewing themselves and creating offerings that enable contemporary and sustainable lifestyles.

Students will critically examine the design of Oberursel's city centre and develop their own ideas of what forward-looking concepts for a liveable and sustainable city centre could look like and where they should start. The built space, the range of uses, the mobility concept, but also the networking of the actors are to be taken into account. Based on individual research, concrete ideas of Oberursel and its regional integration are to be developed, documented and visualised.

Dates: Thursdays 9:00-17:00h
Place: L3|01 R202 und FGe
1st meeting: Thursday, October 20, 2022
Examination: January 26, 2023
Instructors: Prof. Martin Knöll, Prof. Dettmar, Prof. Rudolph-Cleff, Marianne Halblaub Miranda, Janna von Mackensen, Frederik Helms, Simon Gehrmann, Yane Conradi, Laura Henneke

Placement: none