Design Bachelor / Master (10 | 15 | 20 CP)
Winter Semester 2022/23

Oberursel – Integrated Design Concept

The aim is to form a borough, in which it's community creates the civic space through social, economical, cultural and political discourse. Due to urban migration, cities keep on expanding. It is expected that 80% of the worlds population is living in cities by 2050. Due to such rapid demands of dwellings, new districts, mostly huge mono-living-developments are being inserted. In Wiesbaden too, a new district is to be built – yet another monocenter? Can we learn from rural structures and architectural and programmatic ties of inner cities, in order to think a self-sufficient, but territorially integrated community, which in the end engages a physical and social design of the civic space?

Students of this Master design course are encouraged to choose the correlating seminar “Mapping the mobility network of inner Wiesbaden”.

Dates: Wednesdays 9:00-17:00h
Place: FG UDP: L3|01 R481
1st meeting: Wednesday, October 19, 2022
Examination: February 1, 2023
Instructors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Knöll, Marianne Halblaub Miranda, Alexander Scholtysek

Placement: Moodle