Siqi Chen M.A.


Work Berlin

Chen Siqi has been working on her doctoral thesis in Urban Health Research Group (UHG) since August 2017. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the Qingdao University of Technology, China, and a master’s degree in Architecture from DIA, HS Anhalt, Germany. After her graduation, she worked as an independent researcher and architect coder in China, where she was responsible for practical investigations, urban planning, and structure construction. Having done her master thesis on “the Banana Case – a proposal on unique space design for the teenage immigration from China to Germany”, she built her academic interests include human-computer interaction, space-related design, and user-oriented play. She also extended a further exploration of issues such as integration, spatial equality, socio-perception or urban-related behaviour. Her work focuses on designing and evaluating multi-interaction techniques that could associate with the existing space for minority groups.

Academic Positions
09.2015 – Current Original Design Habitat Society Institute (清创尚景人居研究所)
Beijing, China
Senior Researcher
07-09.2015 ASW Studio, LCD
Beijing, China
07-08.2014 Open Field Venice, La Biennale di Venezia
Venezia, Italy
Teaching Assistant
10.2014 – 04.2015 Elective: ESMOD
Dessau, Germany
Teaching Assistant
Working Positions
04.2021 – Current Ziegert Ever Estate
Berlin, Germany
Student partner management
11.2014 – 04.2015 Peter Ruge Architects
Berlin, Germany
Technological support
06-11.2014 AnotherArchitects
Berlin, Germany
Technological support
02.-05.02.2020 Active living conference 2020
Orlando, Florida, USA
Presentation topic: Everyday physical activity of elementary school-aged refugees in their
Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung in Berlin
20.-25.10.2019 TU Berlin URBANI[XX], Future City Future Village
National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu
Presentation topic: Intelligent tourist behavior model based on time geography – an example of Scenic Area for reconstruction of Mount. Luofu
13.-17.08.2018 URBANI[XX]: Sino-German Workshop on Urbanization and Urban Development
TU Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Presentation topic: Socio-Spatial Interaction (SSI): Design Strategies on Promoting Wellbeing of 'Wartezustand' Elementary School-aged Refugees in Berlin
24.-25.08.2017 8th International Ph.D. Academic Colloquium of Peking University: Landscape as Media
Peking University, Beijing, China
Presentation topic: Socio-spatial Interaction (SSI): Design Strategies to promote Integration of Elementary school-aged Refugees in Berlin
23.-24.05.2017 Towards Urban Resilience – international Workshop for young Researchers
UIC, Barcelona, Spain
Presentation topic: Socio-spatial Interaction (SSI): Design Strategies to promote Integration of Elementary school-aged Refugees in Berlin
2021 Built-environment attributes associated with refugee children’s physical activity: a narrative review and research agenda Conflict and Health (Published)
2017 Towards Urban Resilience – Proceedings – International Workshop – Barcelona 2017 Conference (Published)
2017 Socio-Spatial Interaction (SSI): Designstrategien zur Förderung des Wohlbefindens von Flüchtlingen im Wartezustand im Grundschulalter in Berlin Der Zug (Published)
2015 VULCAN-3D Printing Structure BJDW 2015
2014 Rilao: 2065
Movie Project
04.2017 – 03.2020 CJD Schwalbenweg refugee accommodation
Berlin, Germany
Children volunteer
02.2011 – 11.2013 Center Blood Station of Qingdao
Qingdao, China