Prof. Knöll presents at Nature & Health conference 2021

Conference: October 12-14, 2021 Tacoma, University of Washington


Prof. Martin Knöll will be part of an expert panel on "Rethinking Mobility After Covid-19: Healthier, Greener, Urban Spaces“ at this years virtual event of the Nature & Health Conference.

Road closure at Mainkai, Frankfurt am Main
Road closure at Mainkai, Frankfurt am Main

The UHG research group has recently published a study on findings before and during a year-long closure of an arterial street at the Frankfurt riverfront that coincided with COVID-19 including 30% more cyclists, 1175% more children cycling independently and 20% more pedestrians with mobility restrictions.

Paper How do people use Frankfurt Mainkai riverfront during a road closure experiment? A snapshot of public space usage during the coronavirus lockdown in May 2020

Together with Prof. Jenny Roe (University of Virginia) and Prof. Sara J. Carr (North Eastern University), Prof. Knöll will identify implications of current research to advance COVID-19 driven changes in urban design for active travel and improved health, including the opportunities for unused streets and parking lots to create healthier, greener, public spaces.

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