Modelmaking Workshop

The Modelmaking Workshop supports students, lecturers and the facilities in the Department of Architecture. The machinery in the workshop enables wood and sometimes also metals to be processed in a variety of different ways.

The Workshop Manager Peter Maier and the student assistants produce environment models for Master’s and Diploma projects, modelling applications and components for models.

In addition, it is possible to purchase small quantities of modelling materials and borrow special machines. The workshop can also provide crucial support in the construction of special furniture, such as IT desks and exhibition systems.

An unsupervised workroom equipped with saws and grinding wheels is also available for students to use around the clock.

From now on, there are compulsory training courses for the student model-making workshop.

These are each valid for one year and must be repeated accordingly. The course is available on Moodle.

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Contactless Laser Service

The workshop is currently closed to the public.

Students who are currently completing a Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis or a draft plan for their Master’s degree at the Department of Architecture can use our contactless service to cut materials using lasers.

Please observe the following instructions:

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The Laser Manual

Everything that you need to know about lasers!

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(Status: December 2019)

Guidelines for the use of the student workshop

The guidelines contain safety instructions, brief instructions on using the equipment and machines and answers to frequently asked questions.

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(Status: December 2019)

Workshop rules

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(As of 09/11/2016)