Gallery of Professors

Closely tied with the history of the TU Darmstadt is not only its building history, but also the development of its department of architecture and the education of architecture. Generations of architecture professors not only shaped the face of their university and city, they also had a great impact on the respective generation of would-be architects.

Changing contents and focus points within education are answers to the interplay of tradition and lecturers personal experiences as well as the varying political and social conditions.

The gallery of all architecture professors from 1841 until today, from the Höhere Gewerbschule Darmstadt – forerunner-institution of the university – up to the days of the TU Darmstadt was researched, compiled and published by Katrin Kuhl, Brigitte Kuntzsch and Christoph Winterling. With Brigitte Kuntzsch overseeing the project scientifically. We would like to thank the TUD-archive for their support.

Despite intensive research there are still a few gaps within the gallery. The Authors will be glad about any information/indications which help to fill these.

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