We understand building culture and sustainability as a causal task and opportunity of architecture and urban planning, as a prerequisite and result of responsible design. Our field is characterised by a continuous expansion of the range of tasks in which architects, as generalists among specialists and as moderators of collective processes, mediate, coordinate and design at the same time.

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  • 6 Subject groups
  • 19 Institutes
  • 597 B.Sc. students (of which 334 female students / 63 foreign students)
  • 579 M.Sc. Sstudents (of which 341 female students / 150 foreign students)
  • 4 Diploma students (of which 2 female students / 0 foreign students)
  • 43 B.Ed. students (of which 14 female students)
  • 29 PhD students (of which 19 female / 19 from abroad)
  • Total: 1274 students (726 female / 254 international)

Status: January 2020

  • 6 female professors, 6 male professors and 1 female junior professor
  • Research assistants: 59.3 full-time equivalents
  • Administrative-technical staff*: 23.3 full-time equivalents

Status: August 2020/January 2021

Where we come from…

The “official” history of the TU Darmstadt begins in the year 1836 with the foundation of the Höhere Gewerbeschule und der damit verbundenen Realschule (Higher Vocational School and the Associated Secondary School). Join us here on a journey that takes us back to the origins of our Faculty of Architecture and leads us right up to today’s events.