UML signed a contract with Springer Nature

The new edited volume titled „Rethinking Urban Transformations: a New Paradigm for Inclusive Cities“ is comming up


Our members, Nebojša Čamprag, Lauren Ugur and Anshika Suri signed a contract with the publisher Springer Nature Switzerland AG for the forthcoming book in the book series Diversity and Inclusion Research.

During the last decades, cities are increasingly being confronted with extensive and rapidly progressing socio-political, economic, environmental, and many other challenges that have required significant adaptations of urban systems. These transformative processes are also often characterized by uncontrolled trajectories that create numerous power-related and socio-spatial inequalities, highlighting the values of social inclusion and diversity being often compromised in urban development endeavors.

The book titled „Rethinking Urban Transformations: A New Paradigm for Inclusive Cities“ plans to take a step further in understanding urban transformation processes through investigating the selected aspects of inclusion and diversity and their manifestation in wider urban spatial contexts. In order to address the complexity of the topic, this will be done through trans- and interdisciplinary approaches. The new knowledge will be finally gained through diverse yet interlinked research clusters of the Lab, strategically designated to tackle the most relevant aspects of inclusive urban transformation from different perspectives: alternatives to growth as the emerging paradigm for sustainable urban transformation, transformation of city regions and inclusive tourism development processes, diversification of urban identities through de-contestation of urban heritage, and inclusive intersectional city making practices.

The focus on and exchange between the selected clusters are expected to bring different aspects of the transdisciplinary character of the edited volume together, and thus inspire paradigms with more holistic approach in (re)conceptualising and promoting inclusive and sustainable urban transformative processes in both urban theory and praxis.

The book will be edited by Nebojša Čamprag, Lauren Ugur and Anshika Suri, and will be published by the Springer Nature Switzerland AG.