Regular Events of the International Office (Architecture)

Just at the start of the semester…

Helpdesk at seminar bazaar
Helpdesk at seminar bazaar

Welcome Event

Every semester all new international students are invited to join our welcome event. You will receive an informative presentation to get to know the faculty and its facilities, learn more about organizing your studies and participate in a guided tour of the Faculty of Architecture building and the immediate campus. Finally, join us for lunch, where you will get the chance to meet your buddies and other enrolled students.

Helpdesk at the Seminar Bazaar

If you have any questions about the course electing process be sure to visit us at our Helpdesk during the seminar bazaar. The Bazaar is scheduled in the orientation week at the beginning of each semester. Students will have the possibility to walk through an exhibition of all the Design Projects and Elective Courses on offer, and ask questions to the represented professors. You will need to submit an application on time.

Intercultural Workshop

The intercultural workshop is held by the Studienkolleg Darmstadt whom offer academic bridging courses and support for foreign students in starting their studies at TU Darmstadt and in Germany. The workshop targets new international students or buddies. This is an exciting opportunity for you to learn about the different origins of you fellow students and develop cross-culture skills.

During the semester …

International Evening
International Evening

International Evenings

During the semester, you as an international or local student of our faculty are invited to take part in one of our international evenings organized by the Buddies. The idea is to enjoy quality time with fellow students.