Bachelor of Education Building Technology

Commercial and technical training

The Department of Architecture at TU Darmstadt offers commercial and technical training in the subject of “building technology” for the purpose of teaching students at vocational schools.
After successfully completing the examinations for the Bachelor of Education course, TU Darmstadt awards the academic degree “Bachelor of Education”. The student is then eligible to complete a subsequent “Master of Education” degree. However, building technology is only offered as an B.Ed. degree.
Please note that the building technology course is based in the Department of Architecture. This means that fewer technical or mathematical courses are offered to students than artistic and creative courses.
Here is an introduction to the range of courses available. (opens in new tab)

In the subsequent “Master of Education” degree, students are required to select a second teaching subject (general education subject). Here is a list of the possible subject combinations. Based on the currently available information, there are very good career opportunities (in public service) in this profession.

Information on study regulations

You will find the current study regulations for the building technology course (“from winter semester 2014/15 onwards”) on the website of the Center for Teacher Training at TU Darmstadt. In particular, please note the information on the obligatory pre-study internship in the implementing regulations for §11(2).

Building technology at department 15 – Architecture

Semester dates

All of the teaching courses for the B.Ed in Building Technology are listed in the study and examination schedule. Please refer to the semester programme for the individual subject areas for the teaching courses offered for this degree. They are the same as the teaching courses offered for the B.Sc. Architecture, although certain modules are only available for one course or the other.

Teaching methodology for building technology – practical studies and technical teaching in schools

Many courses deal with issues in the areas of architecture and building technology and then investigate how they can be taught to the target group of pupils in professional schools. Since the winter semester 2011-12, three of the four modules in the area of technical education are offered by one professor (Prof. Tenberg) in FB 03 Humanities:
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Course guidance

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Center for Teacher Training

The Center for Teacher Training provides comprehensive and specialist advice on the teacher training degree at the Technical University of Darmstadt, offers information on the second training phases in a study seminar and can answer questions dealing with the profession of teaching.
The course guidance service at the Center for Teacher Training regularly organises orientation events and can support you in the creation of course timetables.
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