Our range of courses

Bachelor of Science Architecture

6 Semesters | preliminary vocational degree | enables the student to join the consecutive Master programme of Architecture at TUD or at a different university either in Germany or abroad (providing the individual admission requirements)

Master of Science Architecture

4 Semesters | Focus on Building Construction and Urban Design | consecutive to Bachelor of Science Architecture | Prerequisite for application is successfully completion of a Bachelor's degree in Architecture (FH or Univ.) in at least six semesters

Bachelor of Education

The Faculty of Architecture at TU Darmstadt offers the industrial and technical training in the subject “Structural Engineering” for students of the Magisterium at vocational schools.

6 semesters | First professional degree | entitled to a consecutive Master program for vocational teachers at this university or another universities

Master International Cooperation and Urban Development

International Postgraduate Programm

The Interdisciplinary Master Course 'International Cooperation and Urban Development' addresses the rapid urbanization process in countries of the South and looks at possibilities to prevent or alleviate the problems invariably associated with it.

For further information please check www.mundus-urbano.eu

M.Sc. Energy Science and Engineering

Beginning in the Winter Semester 2012/2013, TU Darmstadt offers a new Master’s program in Energy Science and Engineering – interdisciplinary, unique, and innovative!

This interdisciplinary program offers a specialization with a strong focus on energy. The program will account for both the development of renewable energy technologies and the efficient usage of conventional energy sources, while considering other social and environmental aspects of energy development. For the first time, such a wide spectrum of traditional subjects in the sciences at TU Darmstadt merges in a single program targeted towards energy research. Through the Energy Center, the university has further expanded its offerings to feature more innovation and forward thinking in a way that is unique in Germany.

Furter Informations http://www.ese.tu-darmstadt.de/master_ese/masterstudiengang_ese/index~1.en.jsp


Promotions admission are handled by the Dean’s Office of the faculty. Information can be found in the area of research.