Master of Science Architecture
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The Master of Science Architecture degree

at the Department of Architecture at TU Darmstadt mainly focuses on building construction and urban design. A comprehensive range of elective subjects and design courses enable students to individually explore other themes in more depth.
The Master of Science Architecture degree builds on the Bachelor of Science Architecture degree at the Department of Architecture. It provides students with significantly more knowledge and capabilities in the areas of scientific approaches, theoretical-analytical skills and intellectual and social competence.

The Master’s degree thus reflects the breadth of the subject matter, while also allowing students to individually specialise on either building construction or urban planning within the same course. Optionally, it is possible to replace one of three design courses with a free thesis and to develop an individual thesis topic in consultation with a design subject. At the same time, the research module prepares students for further scientific qualification.

Graduates are qualified (after completing the prescribed work experience placement following their graduation) to register with the Chamber of Architects but not with the Chamber of Urban Planners, even if the main focus of their degree was urban planning design.

Master of Science Architecture (M.Sc.)
Master thesis (in the form of a competition design) in building construction or urban design, or as a self-developed, individual design assignment.
4 semesters
120 Credit Points (CP)
*One CP corresponds to 30 hours of work. 30 CP per semester
12 weeks of lectures and seminars
6 weeks of assignments and block events
See the Module Handbuch (opens in new tab)
(Study regulations 2014 from 28.04.2014)
  • Architecture graduates with a Bachelor of Science or Arts (technical college or university, 6 or 8 semesters) or a university diploma (FH). Related degrees (design, interior design, civil engineering, urban planning, etc.) are NOT accepted for admission onto the course.
    No other previous work on consecutive courses will generally be accepted for admission onto the course, even if this covered more than 6 semesters (180 CP).
  • An application portfolio must be submitted by all applicants.
    Information on the form, content and scope of this portfolio and the address to which it should be sent can be found on the information sheet in the download section
    (MSc. Architecture > Portfolio).
  • Applications can be submitted for the summer and winter semesters
  • Applications from foreign students will initially be examined by the “International Admissions Office”:
    German website
    English website
No regular tuition fees, only semester fess (includes a semester ticket for local public transport)
Further information
For the winter semester: From 1 June to 15 July.
For the summer semester: From 1 December to 15 January
Online application with the same application portfolio (opens in new tab). Applications submitted without a portfolio cannot be processed.
Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree (national or foreign) who want to broaden their knowledge and specialise.
In individual cases, prospective students with a Bachelor’s degree or diploma in another subject. Each case may be subject to an individual assessment
Dean of the Department of Architecture