Bachelor of Science Architektur
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The main task of architects is to plan, design, shape and build our constructed environment.
Architectural design lies at the heart of the architecture degree at TU Darmstadt and is accompanied by the study of structural, artistic and historical/scientific factors. The systematic transfer of knowledge is thus interwoven with creative-artistic elements. Civil engineering and urban planning are viewed as a single entity. Concentrating on certain branches of architecture or specialising at an early stage is not encouraged.
The Department of Architecture is organised in six subject groups: Historical Foundations, Design and Art, Construction, Building Planning, Urban Planning and Building Technology. These groups cover the broad spectrum of themes that are taught and researched at the Department of Architecture at TU Darmstadt and reflect the interdisciplinary nature of our architectural training.

Registration with the Chamber of Architects

The B.Sc. Architecture degree is not sufficient for registration as a self-employed architect with the Chamber of Architects because this requires at least eight semesters of study in the field of architecture. In the German state of Hesse (and at TU Darmstadt), the standard period of study for qualification as an architect is now considered to be 10 semesters (B.Sc. and M.Sc.). All graduates of the B.Sc. Architecture degree at TU Darmstadt are guaranteed a place on an M.Sc. degree course at the Department of Architecture (FB15), irrespective of their final grade etc.

Starting the course

Only possible in the winter semester, applications will be accepted online from 1 June to 15 July (final deadline).

Degree Bachelor of Science Architecture (B.Sc.)
Thesis Bachelor Thesis (in the form of competition design)
Duration of the Course 6 semesters
Scope 180 Credit Points (CP)
*One CP corresponds to 30 hours work. 30 CP per semester
Semester Structure 12 weeks of lectures
6 weeks of assignments and block events
Language of Instruction German
Admission Requirements
  • High school diploma or a comparable qualification or an adequate foreign qualification or “vocational qualifications”.
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  • Numerus Clausus (NC) course (restricted admission), i.e. prospective students in the 1st semester are accepted onto the course based on their “Abitur” grades (A-levels) and waiting time.
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    Information on applying for a higher subject semester can be found at:, see there in particular under “Procedure of the selection process – Higher subject semester (NC)”.
  • 6 weeks of practical training on a building site (preferably already completed but is not a criteria for acceptance on the course!)
    This practical training can be completed in a main building trade or an associated trade (e.g. a joiner’s workshop, carpenters, installation company, plasterers, painters, electrician, etc.) BUT NOT IN AN ARCHITECT’S OFFICE. A certificate stating the relevant trade or tasks and the length of the practical training is acceptable. A report or reference is not required.
  • Applications from foreign students will initially be examined by the “International Admissions Office” at TU Darmstadt:
    German website
    English website
Tuition Fees No regular tuition fees, only semester fees (includes a ticket for local public transport).
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Application Deadline Information on the application deadline can be found here.

If you are applying for the Bachelor of Architecture 1st semester, you also need to register at before applying online at TU Darmstadt.
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Target Group Prospective students with a technical understanding, artistic interests and a high level of motivation.
Students can complete an Online Self-Assessment to gauge their suitability for the course.
Management Dean of the Department of Architecture