Bachelor of Science Architecture
Application and admission to the TU Darmstadt

Bachelor of Science Architecture

Admission requirements:

  • General higher education entrance qualification or a comparable qualification, or adequate foreign qualification, or “vocationally qualified” e.g. as a master craftsperson, technician, etc….
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  • Application only by 15.07. of the year for the start of the winter semester.
  • Numerus Clausus (NC) subject
    i.e. prospective students are admitted according to their Abitur grade and waiting period. The NC varies according to the number and qualifications of the applicants and can therefore not be stated in advance.
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  • 6-week construction internship
    The construction internship should already have been completed at the beginning of the degree programme. However, this is not an admission criterion!
    The construction internship can be completed in the main or secondary construction trades (i.e. also in a carpenter's workshop, carpentry, in a plumbing company, in plastering, painting, electrics, etc.), NOT EVER IN THE ARCHITECT'S OFFICE. A certificate of the trades or activities and the duration is sufficient, a report or certificate is not required.

Applicants with International certificates

Applicants with International certificates: Please refer directly to „International Admission“ at the Technical University of Darmstadt:

Admission requirements for a change of study location

The question of recognition of individual academic achievements depends on their demonstrable compliance with the qualification objectives of the corresponding modules in the B. Sc. Architecture at TU Darmstadt. The necessary case-by-case assessment is only carried out after enrolment. On the other hand, assignment to a semester is based on the CP total of the previous studies as shown on the transcript of records.

There is a numerus clausus for the entire first year of study, i.e. the number of places for students who can transfer to our department is severely limited (only to the extent that places become available due to students transferring from Darmstadt to other places of study!) Therefore, we recommend that you only transfer in the 3rd semester. The prerequisite is proof of at least 60 CP in architecture. How many semesters you have already been enrolled at another university is not decisive.

Applicants who have lost their examination entitlement in architecture at their previous place of study can no longer be enrolled for this subject at the TU Darmstadt. Therefore, please enclose a current certificate from your previous university that you are still entitled to take examinations in architecture.

If you have any questions, please contact the study office of FB 15