Videos of workshop are online

On International Day of Persons with Disabilities 3 December we advocate for more initiatives to implement Universal Design / Access for All in urban mobility systems. Scroll down to see videos of our speakers at Accessible Hubs 2018 online. The series presents a timely collection of good practise examples, societal drivers, and new directions to research and to co create usable and accessible mobility hubs.

Watch videos of our speakers at Accessible Hubs 2018

Welcome to TU Darmstadt’s Department of Architecture

Anett-Maud Joppien


Welcome to Accessible Hubs 2018

Martin Knöll


Urban Regeneration through Mobility Enhancement

Marten Wassmann

Abstract & bio

Mobility hubs as a design brief for architects and urban designers

Stefanie Bremer

Abstract & bio

Mobility design for accessibility: A review from a spatial and social sciences perspective [audio only]

Martin Lanzendorf / Andreas Blitz

Abstract & bio

Access by design_from Universal Design to specific solutions

Peter Eckart / Julian Schwarze

Abstract & bio

Moving Experience: Urban Mobility Hubs On The Way to Wellbeing

Hansel Bauman

Abstract & bio

For the benefit of health: A relational interpretation of accessibility

Martin Dijst

Abstract & bio

Strategic cornerstones and funding opportunities for projects on accessible hubs

Christian Mahnke

Abstract & bio

Urban Mobility and Wellbeing: Insights from Environmental Psychology and Neuro-Urbanism

Jenny J Roe

Abstract & bio

Accessible walking hubs for mental wellbeing

Anna Bornioli

Abstract & bio

Inclusive neighbourhoods – The perspective of social work

Carlo Fabian

Abstract & bio

Accessing Information

Raul Kalvo

Abstract & bio

Mobility hubs and inclusive urban futures – A Universal Design perspective

Gaurav Rahjea

Abstract & bio

Digitally Supported Urban Design Process, Potsdamer Platz as a Case

Oliver Schulze / Mohammad Almahmood


Connecting movement and place: A human-focused and science-based approach

Anna Rose

Abstract & bio