Block Seminar WF E (3 CP)
Summer Semester 2023

Urbanistas – Researching good practices around the world

Great urbanists are able both to create useful, engaging and innovative urban spaces, as well as to carefully observe the built environment to learn which elements and arrangements support liveable and sustainable spaces. In this way, they can integrate insights from past projects into future designs and feed them into the iterative process of creating and redesigning cities.

In this seminar, we will identify and analyse international good practice examples at different scales: city-wide, neighbourhood/street-level and elements. What can be learned from the case studies as they are; which components can be adapted or are best suited for future design projects, and do they support a specific goal? Students will learn how to search and systematically review design project information, and practice how to visualize and categorize text and graphic information. Each case study should additionally conclude with an assessment of transferability, and if applicable, some recommendation or vision for further use of the identified design principles. The collected findings will be summarised in a first volume that can serve as inspiration for future designs.

Dates: final dates tba; Donnerstags – Freitags, 15:30 -17:00 Uhr
Place: Online // FG UDP: L3|01 R481
1st meeting: Donnerstag, 13. April 2023
Examination: 11. August 2023
Contact Dipl.-Ing. Marianne Halblaub Miranda
Language: EN
Anmeldung: Tucan