Online survey: Sustainable mobility from Darmstadt‘s perspective

Participation possible until 29/11/2020 (duration: 5-10 min)


Picture: UHG | Hui Qu
Picture: UHG | Hui Qu

The citzens of Darmstadt are invited to share their opinion about the potential of the mobility services provided in their neighbourhood. The online survey does not only ask about the mobility behaviour of the inhabitants, such as the preferred means of transport for daily journeys, but also about the associations that come into people’s mind when asked about sustainable mobility. The online survey is open to everyone who lives or works in Darmstadt.

The survey is part of the EU-funded research project urbanSCOPE. The aim is to find ways to raise awareness of sustainable urban mobility among the local population on the one hand, among planners and decision-makers on the other, and to create links that promote sustainable urban development.
In this first phase of the project an online survey, group discussions, focus group and expert interviews will be conducted to provide insights into the current successes and weaknesses in Darmstadt's mobility planning. The gained knowledge will be used to design courses and workshops for students at school and universities that deal with sustainable mobility planning. These are to be conducted in the four partner cities of the project.

We are eager to learn about your attitude towards sustainable urban mobility!

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