Application phase launched for the 2024 ASA scholarship – projects in the field of urban planning

Apply for a total of 145 projects abroad by 20 January!

2023/12/28 17:00-2024/01/22 09:00

Apply now for an ASA scholarship 2024. Get involved in gender equality in Rwanda, sustainable coffee cultivation in Costa Rica or environmental protection in Georgia. There is the right project for everyone. Take your chance to participate in one of the 145 projects abroad worldwide. Apply by 20 January to be part of 2024!

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The ASA programme

The ASA programme is an exchange and scholarship programme in 45 countries worldwide. In addition to unique project experiences abroad, it offers you the opportunity to learn new things about development policy issues and your own role in the world. ASA is a programme offered by Engagement Global and is implemented on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). While participating in the ASA programme, you will receive a scholarship that covers accommodation and living costs as well as a travel allowance.

Procedure and requirements

The ASA programme comprises three to six-month project phase(s) in Germany and countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and South-East Europe as well as seminars for preparation and follow-up. The preparatory seminars start in April in Germany. Here you will exchange ideas with other participants and receive exciting input. If you have been selected for a six-month project, your first (three-month) project phase in Germany will begin during this time.

All participants then travel to a partner country in Africa, Asia, Latin America or South-East Europe. At partner organisations around the world, you get involved in your sustainability topic, contribute your skills and get to know new people, countries and realities of life. Participation in the ASA programme ends with a follow-up RENew seminar, where you reflect on what you have experienced, share your experiences with other participants and network.

Apply now!

If you would like to take part next year, register now on the application platform and search for the most suitable projects for you in the project finder.

Further Information

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