Tuesday Night Live

Tuesday Night Live is a event series at Technische Universität Darmstadt with international thinkers and architects to share their work in process and discuss with students, teachers and the public.

Each »season« of Tuesday Night Live has e a prescription, a set of rules or questions, brought to live and filled with diverse content by the selected guests. The first season started in November 2020 with a series of seemingly straightforward questions answered (or disputed, questioned, reframed) by the guests. Starting with the second season artists are commissioned to provide the manual for each round, resulting in a collaboration between a remote format and a series of individual enactments.

Tuesday Night Live X Emily Shanahan

Season 2 — 2021/22

For the second season, New York artist Emily Shanahan has put together a conversation guide: »The questions are adapted from psychological questionnaires, government polls, professional interviews with architects, personality quizzes, and job interview prompts. They follow established patterns of information extraction that seek to identify “types” of persons. Decontextualized and recombined, these questions elicit thinking beyond normative logics. Playing with the conventions of knowledge exchange, they ultimately ask: Are there any new questions anymore?«

All dates and episodes of this season can be found here.

»20 Questions on Architecture«

Season 1 — Winter 2020/21

»We are in the midst of a pandemic, important elections and a global climate crisis. So why would we start an event series now? Because we want to believe in the power of conversation and shared thought, and in the potential of architecture to re-imagine different and new worlds. We chose instagram live as format for everyone to check in rather than sign up for yet another lecture.« — Anna-Maria Meister

All dates and episodes of this season can be found here.

Tuesday Night Live is a event series by the chair of Architecture Theory and Science at the faculty of Architecture (@fb15architektur) at Technical University of Darmstadt, supported by the Sto-Stiftung (@stostiftung). Design by Moritz Ebeling