Creating Urban Identity: The Place of Tradition and Modernisation in Urban Development Strategies

Lecture by Dr. Nebojša Čamprag at Belgrade University, Serbia


On December 8th, Dr. Nebojša Čamprag was invited to give a lecture on the processes of creating genius loci and urban image-making through strategic planning at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, Serbia.

The lecture focused on creating recognizable urban image and identity, as a challenge resulting from a range of global, economy-driven changes that cities are increasingly facing today. It highlighted initiatives of reviving the past and tradition-oriented trend for strengthening urban recognizability, and demonstrated new means of urban identity building in contemporary innovative design and through place marketing. Dr. Čamprag discussed these issues using the examples from Frankfurt and Rotterdam. The session was concluded with a round of discussion.

The initiative was organised by Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Stupar, head of the Department of Urbanism at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, in the framework of the module „Contemporary Urban Phenomena“. The course is open to students of the Master Studies in Integral Urbanism, Master Studies in Architecture, and Single-cycle 5-year Study Program in Architecture at the University of Belgrade. It aims to investigate phenomena of the modern city: its basic characteristics and laws that are the result of accelerated changes since the second half of the twentieth century.