Study Programmes
for degree-seeking students

B.Sc. / M.Sc. Architecture

The faculty allocates a quota of places to international students who wish to complete their studies entirely in Darmstadt.

International students who want to entirely study at TU Darmstadt have to fulfill certain requirements and have to apply via the International Admission (previously called Akademisches Auslandsamt) of the TU Darmstadt. You'll find detailed information about the application process on their website: International Admission of TU Darmstadt

Mandatory part of the application for the M.Sc. Architecture is a portfolio about your work.
Download the specifications for the portfolio here (opens in new tab).

Study Programmes:
Here you find information about the study programmes offered at our faculty.

Mundus Urbano – International Cooperation in Urban Development (M.Sc.)

Mundus Urbano is an interdisciplinary Master of Science programme specializing in International Cooperation in Urban Development. It addresses the dynamic challenges faced throughout the world due to rapid urbanization processes.

This Erasmus+ associated programme is hosted by TU Darmstadt in partnership with three European Universities and allows students to pursue a double degree in International Cooperation in Urban Development with specializations in Development Economics (Rome), Sustainable Emergency Architecture (Barcelona), or Urban Planning (Grenoble).

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Change of the University

Also a change from a foreign university with an entry into a higher semester in recognition of academic achievements and qualifications is possible.

The ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) system allows an easy recognition of the academic achievements for students from a European University.

In the case of non-European institutions, the academic achievements will be assessed by the recognition commission of the faculty, in consultation with the International Office. Admissions depend on the number of places available in higher semesters.