How to become a doctoral student at Fachbereich Architektur, TU Darmstadt?

Doctoral studies at the Faculty of Architecture are subject to the general terms of a doctoral program at the TU Darmstadt (opens in new tab).

Architecture is a multidisciplinary respective design-oriented science. The faculty therefore provides additional services for doctoral students in this field. If you are interested in commencing a doctoral study you are welcome to visit one of our regular PhD colloquia to obtain further information (link).  

If you are interested in doing your PhD research in the TU Darmstadt Faculty of Architecture, there are some basic steps you need to know about and take quite in advance. The followings briefly inform you how to start the journey of your doctoral studies here in Faculty of Architecture, Technische Universität Darmstadt:

1. decide about your research topic and find your prospective PhD supervisor

In Fachbereich Architektur (FB 15), there are six main Fachgruppen (department groups):

• Fachgruppe A | Historische Grundlagen (Historical Foundations)
• Fachgruppe B | Gestalten und Darstellen (Design and Art)
• Fachgruppe C | Konstruktion (Construction)
• Fachgruppe D | Gebäudeplanung (Building Planning)
• Fachgruppe E | Stadtplanung (Urban Planning)
• Fachgruppe F | Gebäudetechnik (Building Technology)

Under each Fachgruppe (department group), several Fachgebiete (departments) are categorized covering a variety of subjects. You most likely find the expertise of one (or even more) of professors in charge of different Fachgebiete close to your own research interests. You should identify the most relevant one(s) to your PhD research proposal topic; and get in contact with the professor who holds the chair of that specific Fachgebiet, providing them with your CV and a 2-3-page proposal of your research project (topic, research question, state of research, material basis, method, epistemology) in German or English. In a case she/he accepts to supervise your doctorate, you normally get a confirmation letter signed by her/him which then should be submitted together with all the other documents of your PhD application.

2. register online

3. write your PhD-application. It’s highly recommended to read the following hints on preparing an PhD application (opens in new tab).

4. submit your application documents into the doctorate committee of Fachbereich Architektur (FB 15)

As the committee usually meets 2-3 times per semester, it would be best if you inquire of the dean's office when their nearest meeting is scheduled. For this purpose, you can write to Mrs Mieke Pfarr-Harfst. For other questions with regard to application process, you can always contact her as well.

Important Notice

Please make sure that you have read the following link beforehand, as it could answer many of questions you might have. As for example, your former degree certificates (i.e. Bachelor’s and Master’s) need to be first approved by Zulassung International (International Admissions) by the time of your application to FB 15; do not delay making any necessary preparation for your documents until the last weeks before the committee meeting.

Other Offers for PhD Students:

PhD students can get support by Ingenium. Ingenium – Young Researchers at TU Darmstadt is the umbrella organisation for promoting early career researchers. Together with Departments, Graduate Schools, and Research Training Groups, Ingenium promotes and qualifies early career researchers at TU Darmstadt for both academic and non-academic careers.

Visit Ingenium