Exchange Studies

Students from a partner university can come and study for one or two semesters as part of an exchange with their home university. Accepted applicants join a higher semester based on the recognition of their academic achievements.

Exchange students at our faculty are fully integrated into offered programmes and are presented with the same study opportunities as our local students. They may choose from all available courses from both Bachelor and Master programmes. Exempt from these are the Bachelor and Master Thesis, which can only be accomplished by the regular students of the TU Darmstadt.

The Flyer (opens in new tab) offers basic information on the Bachelor and Master of Science Architecture for exchange students at the TU Darmstadt.For more information about the application procedure, please visit the Office for International Relations of TU Darmsatdt

The courses offered in the current semester are published in the “Semesterbooklet” as download on the department's website.

Application Process

The application process is described on the following website under »Your Application« as well as on this »Information Sheet« (opens in new tab).

Course Selection Procedure

After admission to the programme:

1. Before beginning your studies in Darmstadt, you must fill in and sign the Learning Agreement (opens in new tab).
Helpful information can be found in this Flyer (opens in new tab) .
The courses offered in the current semester are published in the »Semesterbooklet« as download on the department's website .

2. The »Welcome Event« takes place two weeks before the start of the semester. International students receive information about the department, the courses, a guided tour of the building and further support for their start in Darmstadt. International students receive an invitation to this event in September or March (depending on the semester) from the International Office (Architecture) by e-mail.
This email also contains information about the Buddy Programme . International students can take part in this programme in order to make contacts in Darmstadt and at the department.

3. The orientation week (»O-Woche«) takes place at the beginning of the semester. Participation in this is compulsory for all students. The choice of seminars and drafts is only possible during this week. The International Office (Architecture) offers a help desk during this time and is available to answer questions. All information about the dates of the semester can be found on the department's website.

4. Registration for courses in Tucan is done by international students via the International Office (Architecture) and the Office for Student Affairs.
The Learning Agreement is specified and signed after the course selection.

5. At the beginning of the course, participation in the first meetings is compulsory.

Recognition of Credits

In order to receive the Transcript of Records, it is essential to complete the Transcript Delivery Form (opens in new tab) before departure.