B.Ed. Bautechnik

The B.Ed. study regulations from 2010 have been replaced by accredited new regulations (2014/2015). For more information, please see the page of the Centre for Teacher Education

The Master's programme in Civil Engineering consists de facto of only one module in the area of subject didactics, as the subject of Civil Engineering can only be studied as an undergraduate at the TU Darmstadt due to its scope. For further information, please contact the Centre for Teacher Education, or the Dean of Studies for Civil Engineering, .


The Diploma Programme in Architecture was closed by resolution of the Senate and Presidium of the TU Darmstadt on 01.04.2013. The last diploma examination took place in summer semester 2016. It is therefore no longer possible to change to the diploma degree programme or to complete this degree programme. If applicable, recognition of previous achievements from the diploma degree programme for the bachelor's degree programme in architecture is possible if these achievements are not older than 5 years and have CP according to ECTS.

* The attached module handbook of the study regulations 2010 has been editorially updated by adding detailed information on the qualification goals of the students (competences, skills, knowledge) to the modules and by incorporating personnel changes at FB 15 (as of 02.10.2011).

In the download archive you will find documents from previous semesters.